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Online videos are helping people connect with each other in the most unconventional ways. The internet has connected people through the most common human emotion, laughter. There are several websites on the internet which share videos like ‘YouTube’, and are spreading funny videos on the internet like wild fire. The latest and most amazing being a video on ‘YouTube’ by the title ‘Charlie bit my finger’ which has more than a billion hits. Funny videos is a genre which can be seen on most video sharing websites as they are followed and shared by people from all walks of life who use the internet. provides the best available resources and information regarding these videos under one roof. These videos can be found in huge number on the internet and it has taken us quite some time to bring them under one single heading. We have also listed the sites that support Online Streaming of Funny Videos. There are many subsets to the funny video that people search for including funny commercial video, videos of funny animals, crazy funny video and many other video clips. ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ belongs to the funny baby video category of these videos. There are websites dedicated to funny commercials and even the corporation and production house that make these videos have exclusive websites and also upload the same on several video web portals.

Online Streaming Funny Video draws the largest force of traffic on a regular basis which is due to the fact that people love these videos. There are free funny video available for download on the internet as people like to watch them again and again or share them with friends and relatives. Websites which support video technology are constantly coming up which offer free funny video with genre like funny animal video, funny baby videos, funny commercials and many other funny video clips.

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