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With its headquarters located in the fashion capital of the world, ‘DailyMotion’ is a pure video sharing website which is ranked #2 among video hosting site in the world after ‘YouTube’. Working with the ongoing concept of social networking, ‘DailyMotion’ creates an online video platform to share online streaming media and forms the base for the interaction of members and users from across the globe. DailyMotion ranks in a competitive mode on the listing of the sites displaying online streaming videos, and has its own share of dedicated users on the internet. ‘DailyMotion’ offers online video platform to official content producer (record labels, film studios, news media, television channels, sports associations, political parties...) with ‘Official User’ a group to promote and market their agenda and for official content creator a group called ‘MotionMaker’ which help them to customize their profile, upload online videos (normal/HD) of unlimited length, increased visibility and an Official Content/Creative Content overlay affixed on his video thumbnails.

The flexibility of use of the site is the fact that has been appreciated heavily by the users all around the world. The video file uploading size has been recently increased with respect to the site and thereby shifting gears in the race of popularity amongst the viewers of online streaming videos. Using a better format for the storage of video as well as increased video buffering speed of such files draws the users to these video sharing platforms that upload and share their videos on a regular basis on the website.

With increased streaming speed of online Daily Motion videos user can watch uninterrupted video which can be played, paused and rewind with ease, and can also watch the favorite part of the video over again.
Though there are restrictions to the site in some parts of the world, ‘DailyMotion’ has always been appreciated by its followers over the time. ‘DailyMotion’ is also the first video sharing website to implement ‘audio fingerprinting solution’, which check for copyrighted video and removes them if found in violation with the rights. ‘DailyMotion’ is also the first video sharing site to offer ‘Video fingerprinting solution‘.

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