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Online video streaming has changed the face of the internet from just providing static content like articles and photos to dynamic content that is, online streaming videos. It help to creative more interactive content and supporting details that allow a user to interact with the audience in a much better way. The online video sharing of free online videos and copyrighted videos has evolved a lot over the past few years with several advancements in online video technology which helps in faster online video streaming server. There are several video hosting sites like YouTube which allow online video sharing which help people from different walks of life in ways never known before and helps them connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe.


There are several popular genres in online streaming video portals, from music videos, free online news, cooking, travel, Bollywood movies, south Indian movies, Hollywood movies, health and educational videos which attract the largest amount of traffic as on date among viewers who share free streaming videos online. Most online video platform works on the concept of social networking as it lends a video sharing platform for interaction on a global basis. Online video streaming technology involves the movement of data packets from the source to the destination user. The process of online video streaming does not allow the viewer to save the files. This is possible due to the fact that the files do not change their originating address and thus cannot be saved by any means. Users can watch online videos without any interruptions or delays due to the advancements made in online streaming video technology.

Major business enterprises around the world recognized the potential of the internet and are entering into the market with services offering online movie streaming of Bollywood films as well as TV episodes on the internet to their subscribers in addition to many promotional and marketing campaigns and thus preparing for a complete revolution in the online video technology. The idea of online video sharing through the process of online video streaming provides users who share common interests to share and gain information about their views and interests with the rest of the world and in a way works as a social networking platform and offers information about various online Bollywood movie videos, business News, funny videos, Hollywood movies, health and educational streaming videos.
These video sharing websites offer established as well as budding filmmakers with an option to promote and market online videos to a worldwide audience, as it provides a free and cost effective way to reach a global audience. Video websites like ‘YouTube’ allows registered users to watch online videos and share their personal content which is readily uploaded on the websites and categorized according to the keywords provided and share it with people who share common interest and let them make comments and also share it on other social networking websites and help market viral online videos. Video websites like ‘YouTube’ help connect people from the most remote places in the world and help them share their views and agendas through video clips, which is made possible through the ‘innovation’ called the online video streaming technology.

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